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Quality WordPress Website Design Services in Taunton

ADA Compliant Web Design Services in Taunton

Simply Succeeding is a reliable web design and development company. We have the following areas of expertise: WordPress Design, ADA Compliance, Custom Web Design, Local Search Marketing, Web Development.

Located in Taunton, Simply Succeeding creates websites that grow your business. Also, our team can manage your online marketing and search engine optimization needs.

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Just some of the services we offer our Taunton clients:

  • WordPress Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Reputation Management
  • WordPress Development
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Custom Web Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Local SEO
  • Online Marketing
  • Custom Website
  • Professional Website Design
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • ADA Compliance
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Web Development Services

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ADA Compliant Web Design Services in Taunton
Some of the services we offer our Taunton clients
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WordPress Web Design in Taunton
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Website Design in Taunton

In the online world of today, your web site is your digital showcase. It must create an excellent first impression in just a matter of seconds, be easy to navigate and load rapidly on a range of browsers and devices. But when you’re running a business, you probably won’t have the time and expertise to develop a website, much less a properly optimized one.

Simply Succeeding can take this important part of your business off your plate and produce a website which conforms to your company branding, is built to convert prospects into new leads or sales and is simple to navigate. We don’t develop derivative websites, but custom designs built to your exact needs. We help you stand head and shoulders above your competition and integrate the features that you need, like for instance live-chat, e-commerce functionality, and much more. Check out our portfolio to find out all the different web presences that we have produced for organizations across numerous industries.

Taunton Web Development

Website development generally involves more than simply designing a new website. Your business might require a website that consists of several pages for expandable e-commerce capacities or an intranet function so employees can make contact with each other via the modern web. No matter what your web developer needs, Simply Succeeding can deal with them for you. We are able to generate an online network of sites that can easily be modified by means of a content management system, and we are experts in both front and back end web development.

Our professional web development specialists can employ HTML5, CSS basics, Javascript, and also other coding techniques to develop a framework that matches your business requirements, and that can be updated and expanded. We work one-on-one with our clientele and will keep you up to speed with every single procedure as we proceed, so that your individual website or website network matches what you envisioned and delivers a fantastic buyer experience. Our web developers won’t just make sure that your web site is easy to navigate and looks great, but also that it loads rapidly on a range of devices and browsers and can be easily modified by your staff and you.

WordPress Web Design in Taunton

Virtually one-third of existing websites are built with WordPress, a CMS (content management system) which allows anyone to build their own website or blog effortlessly. However at times, designing a theme or layout can be complicated or time consuming. Most visitors form a judgement of your business and website within just a few seconds of arriving on it, which is why you really need a pleasing design that is easy to find your way around. You must also make sure that your site displays correctly and loads quickly on a whole host of browsers and devices.

Simply Succeeding offers WordPress website design and WordPress theme design solutions so you can concentrate on running your business while we create this crucial part of your online presence. We create WordPress websites that are user-friendly, attractive, load rapidly, and enhance your branding.

We can also help you with hosting, e-commerce solutions, plugins, and much more, based upon what your business needs. We’re able to upload your site and place Google Analytics code into it to monitor your page views, visitor numbers, and other useful statistics. There is not any restrictions to the degree of personalization that WordPress facilitates, which means we are able to develop a website which has all of the performance and features you want, including a live chat box, social media sharing, contact forms, and more.

Due to the fact that ranking high up in search engine listings is essential, we will make sure that all of the components of your brand new WordPress website are ADA compliant and fully optimized. Our SEO solutions further enhance your rankings by improving the content of your website.

Website Design and ADA Compliance

Along with developing your site and getting it to a high ranking position, we can also ensure that it is ADA compliant. Even though there are at present no rigid recommendations for ADA compliance, your site’s content and capabilities need to be accessible to users who have disabilities. If you operate a business, this would mean deaf and visually impaired people, and anybody that finds their way around the net by screen readers, voice, or other assistive technologies, need to be able to understand your site. Failing to make your website easily accessible to web users with disabilities may result in legal trouble.

There aren’t any speedy solutions like software or plug-ins which will instantly provide ADA compliance. It requires human expertise to diligently sift through every aspect of your website and make the necessary changes by hand. Simply Succeeding will conduct a thorough review of your site and get a fix on the areas that need to satisfy ADA criteria. We will put together a checklist of best practices and employ it to check the ADA functionality of your site. Some of these checklist items include verifying that content is presented in a meaningful order, all images and non-text content contain alt texts, fonts can be resized by at least 200%, video with sound contains accurate closed captioning, and more.

Several other ADA compliance services may do little more than just do a quick scan of your site and supply you with a basic report of suggestions on what you should do next. Computerized scans and audits cannot absolutely reveal all the parts of your site that are not ADA compliant. Here at Simply Succeeding, we’ll not merely tell you about the sections which require compliance enhancements, but we will make those necessary revisions for you hands-on.

Taunton Custom Web Design

Creating a custom website generally requires having skills in responsive web design, graphic design, coding, and troubleshooting. Many company owners also quite frankly do not have the time required to develop one, whilst they are also managing their routine operations. Just leave this task to the team at Simply Succeeding, so that you can place your emphasis on your clients. Your new website is going to be designed and live in an expeditious manner so that you can start welcoming visitors to it at the earliest opportunity.

Simply Succeeding’s custom web design services are able to produce a website commensurate with your particular business requirements, which embraces your branding and draws in visitors. We work one-on-one with clientele and take them step-by-step through the website design process, so that they get the perfect website they have in mind.

Our professional team can also come up with distinctive logos for your site, and test it to make certain it’s responsive and mobile friendly. We can also integrate functions such as live chat, social media sharing, contact forms, and more. We’ll offer assistance with web hosting your domain and make certain that is it optimized so search engines can easily find and index it.

Local Taunton Search Marketing

With such a lot of work involved in managing your daily schedules, local search marketing can often be neglected by business owners. Nevertheless, this form of local search marketing is highly targeted, affordable, and helps you in reaching local customers when they need you most. Compared with conventional advertising approaches like direct mail and phone book adverts, an enhanced ROI can be realized by localized search marketing.

Simply Succeeding are able to build and apply a local search marketing program to make sure that your organization is being displayed to potential clients who work and live near to you. Most significantly, we are able to help you promote your services and products to clients locally at exactly the time that they are looking for them online. We will establish a Google My Business (GMB) profile for you, applying focused keywords and phrases to enable you to show up as near to the top as possible in the results. We will also be able to set you up with a Google AdWords account and discuss with you how it might help you to rank higher in search results, and list your site with online search directories such as Foursquare, Citysearch and Yelp..

Ways to Grow a Business With a Good Website in Taunton

Today, every business needs a website. Your site is a reflection of your business and needs to provide more information to potential clients about your products or services to get them to convert. There are a lot of ways in which you can improve your business with a good site.

For starters, your website ought to demonstrate a highly professional picture of your organization. Your content, logo, imagery and graphics should all complement your printed marketing and packaging materials. Badly designed websites can quickly disenchant visitors and perhaps lead them to turn to your competitors, therefore make certain that you captivate them with a professionally designed web presence.

Second, you want to make sure that your site is providing visitors with the precise information that they are trying to find concerning your company. Your website, should at the very least provide reviews, a description and list of your products and services, an about us section, and comprehensive contact info so people can get hold of you.

Additionally, you will need to fully optimize your website using SEO tactics to make certain that you are visible on the first page of Google when anyone is looking for your service or product. Local search marketing can also help drive new customers who work or live near to your business.

Implement your site to share your expertise (via a blog if applicable), to sell what you’re offering to customers and to increase your mailing list!

How to Locate a Quality Web Design Service in Taunton

You have a host of alternatives when it comes to finding a website design service. How can feel certain of who best to hire and trust? A good place to start is to talk to other businesses who’ve got sites that you like, about who they commissioned to develop it and if they’d be prepared to recommend them; oftentimes this type of information can be found at the very bottom of the page. Ask your contacts, including all your social media contacts if they might recommend someone.

It’s a good idea to arrange a consultation with potential website design agencies, when you’re shortlisting alternatives. You should get an idea of how well they listen to you, and your particular needs. You want a company that will customize their approach to your business and your website.

Check to determine if they have a portfolio of website designs. You’ll want to work with a team that’s designed sites within your market place. You’ll also get to check out the various different styles and designs they’ve built for their former clients.

You can also check if they have got any client feedback or reviews.

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WordPress Web Design and Development Services Near Taunton, MA

About Taunton, MA

A Bristol county city Taunton has a population of 57,296. It’s one of the oldest towns in the USA. Its nicknamed Silver City. It had a robust silver industry thriving here. It’s even called Christmas city. It provides a light display in December. Elizabeth Poole is the first woman who has founded a settlement in America. It played a great role in the American Revolution War. It has the distinction of opening an ironworks the Taunton Iron Works. Textile mills also contributed hugely to its economy. It was also a major transportation and shipbuilding hub. Electronics, Semiconductor and Silicon manufacturing are its major economy contributors at present. Schools serving Taunton are Hopewell Elementary School, John F Parker Middle School, Taunton High School St Marys Primary School and many more. Places of interest are Freetown Fall River State Forest, Bay Circuit Trail, Massasoit State Park, Taunton Green, Dighton Rock and more.

Are you new to Taunton? Check out these local favorites:

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